Co - Curriculum


顧問老師: MS. Judy Kwan / 盧淑麗老師

主席: 賴怡彤

8th Company Girl Guide was established in Yu Yuan Secondary School in 1981. The girls meet on Saturday morning from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Activities include singing, playing games, making various kinds of handicrafts and cooking. Camping, marching and learning to cook a meal using camp fires form part of the outdoor activities.

Our girls are encouraged to be more independent, helpful, resilient and calm in different situations, to gain more knowledge and to obey the Guide Law.

8th Company Girl Guide was the best company in Sandakan in 2000 with Chung Chiew Khim (2000) and Chui Man Yee (2001) earning awards for Best Ranger and Best Guide respectively. The best fund collectors were Chong Hsiao Ling (2001) and Chu Yee Tong (2001).

The Guide Law

  1. A guide’s honour is to be trusted.
  2. A guide is loyal
  3. A guide’s duty is to be useful and to help other
  4. A guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other guide.
  5. A guide is courteous.
  6. A guide is a friend to animal
  7. A guide obeys orders.
  8. A guide smiles and sings under all difficulties.
  9. A guide is thrifty.
  10. A guide is pure in thought, word and deed.